We have been working in the industry for almost 20 years. Therefore, we know the difficulty of developing new commercial alliances to put services and destinations on sale. Especially in the Spanish-speaking markets where the competition is enormous and there are well established, preferred Providers – DMCs. They are references and with them Travel Agencies and Tour Operators feel comfortable.

That is why our alliances go beyond a simple representation with suppliers. In addition to helping to launch and market the product of each Destination Management Company, we help to better understand the source markets. We act as a filter to streamline requests and participate in the entire process. From quotes and negotiations to follow-up during and after the trip.

We only work with local inbound operators that provide added value. Not only at destination, but from the first contact with the agency. Original itineraries. Unusual products, constant input of ideas to improve together, actively. In short, interest in fulfilling the dreams and expectations of each customer.

We have a wide portfolio of clients, mainly independent Travel Agencies specialized in tailor-made packages for FIT and Groups. And we are in constant contact with the most important Tour Operators, offering them the proximity of the DMC as their office for the Spanish-speaking markets. We already have partners in more than 70 countries under the Smart Travel Planet brand.

Suppliers: DMC / Incoming

Solución global a proveedores

Global solution

We do not only market the brand of the suppliers in the market. We are part of your team and we actively collaborate with ideas, itineraries, trends and market research, promotion. And we ask the same of our DMCs. We seek honest, transparent and solid long-term relationships.
Cercanía a proveedores


We are the voice, the ears and the mind of each of our partners. We are available to Travel Agencies and Tour Operators for all kinds of queries. We thus facilitate the work of the DMC. We give product and destination training and we are in constant contact with a personalized follow-up.



We know what each customer needs. We know perfectly the distribution channels of the tourism sector. And we have extensive experience not only in destination management. Also in hotel negotiation and contracting, airlines, and of course a professional attention to the B2B client.

Rentabilidad proveedores


The planet is huge and each destination has its peculiarity. That is why we adapt and are flexible to grow together in a win-win collaboration. Making the most of available resources and contributing our experience. With the aim of achieving the highest profitability with the least possible investment.

Adaptabilidad proveedores


We adapt the products and itineraries to the market. We help if necessary in the transformation of the brand and offer translation, design and adaptation of itinerary format services. We suggest specific actions to take on each occasion and for each client.



We are in constant movement adapting to the various changes in the market. In direct contact with the specialized press media, contributing on social networks, presenting products and attending all kinds of events. Always under the name of each of our DMCs. We are demanding and expect the same from our partners.