In Smart Travel Planet, passion for Tourism meets excellence. We specialize in distribution within the tourism sector, and our purpose is to ensure that every customer experiences something unique and of the highest quality. We achieve this through responsible, ethical, transparent, and long-term relationships. Behind this mission, there is diligent work that drives us to improve every day.

With over 20 years of experience, we present our credentials. We have worked and collaborated with leading tourism companies, from Travel Agencies to Wholesalers, Tour Operators, and Destination Management Companies. With a deep knowledge of destinations and B2B sales channels, we stay in constant adaptation to market changes, trends, and challenges.

We have extensive experience in negotiation and contracting, supported by transparent business ethics and constant care for the corporate image of our partners. At Smart Travel Planet, we take pride in the team we have built, where each member contributes their talent, and we align with a common goal: TO SATISFY THE CUSTOMER.

Based in Madrid, Spain, we offer proximity and solutions to our partners and clients, adapting to their needs and demands. Always at the forefront, we continuously train ourselves and focus on the sustainable development of our sector.

We understand the importance of technology today, but in our industry, we recognize that human relationships are the fundamental basis of our business. At Smart Travel Planet, we blend the best of both worlds: technological efficiency and the warmth of personal relationships.